Welcome to StudioChandler.com! My name is Rick Chandler and this site is the jumping-off point for what I have to offer on the web as a visual artist.

I’m happy to announce that I finally have my comic/serialized graphic novel, Arkansas, the Supernatural State, available for print on demand or digital download from IndyPlanet.com. Check it out!

comic book cover
Arkansas, the Supernatural State
Chapter One

I also have some artwork available as prints on FineArtAmerica.com and Redbubble.com. Although there is some overlap between the products offered by the two sites, I would say that if you are more interested in wall art, I would suggest FineArtAmerica.com since they offer a larger variety of surfaces and sizes. If you are more interested in purchasing my prints on apparel or household items, then Redbubble.com would probably be preferred, since they offer more in those categories.

My work on FineArtAmerica.com

My work on Redbubble.com´╗┐